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Sweepstakes and/or contests are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to meet your specific objectives, whether it’s increasing traffic to your business or website or promoting a new product or service. In fact, a good sweepstakes program can increase response rates by 150%, simply by offering users something in return for their time. A coupon advertisement that includes a sweepstakes gets better readership and higher redemption. Studies have shown that coupons and rebates that include a sweepstakes can increase redemption by 25%.

Sweepstakes or contests are a staple of business promotion. Even if only a fraction of your customers are interested in winning, many more will enjoy the increased excitement a contest brings your website or store. Customers are always looking for “extra value” in their purchases. Use this to your advantage by giving your prospects the chance of winning something — it will make your business a winner as well!

We can help you put together your sweepstakes from start to finish, or pick up your project at any stage. We have 21 years experience in designing and printing scratch off sweepstakes promotions.

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