Frequently Asked Questions


What is your minimum order?
We don’t really have a minimum but our pricing is more competitive at 5,000 and above. Call us even if you have a smaller order and we can offer you some inexpensive options.

Do you have standard sizes?
We can print any size scratch off card you’d like. You are not limited to the sizes on our sample pricing page.

What if I want to order a size or quantity that isn’t shown in your sample pricing?
Just give us a call or request a custom printing quote and we’ll get a custom quote for you!

Does the scratch off have to be a circle or square?
We can customize the scratch off area to be any shape or size. We offer gold or silver latex scratch off and can also overprint the scratch off area with text or an image. If you want to save money, and can fit your image under a 1” circle or a 2” x 1” rectangle, our stock scratch offs are the perfect solution.

How many different prizes can be under the scratch off’
You can have as many prizes as you’d like. We have a variable digital printer so you can opt for as many unique versions as you require.

What kind of security do you offer if I am giving away prizes that have a high value?
We have the highest quality commercial latex scratch off and we can maximize the security through screening the image under the scratch off. Our stock scratch off labels provide the highest security — you can’t see through the scratch off even with a class III laser. We control how many cards of the higher value prizes are printed and distributed. We can provide any level of security needed for the job.

Do I need to worry about the rules I see on many scratch card promotions?
There are both federal and state sweepstakes rules that you need to consider. We can help you with your sweepstakes rules but do recommend that you consult your attorney. We can refer you to an attorney who specializes in sweepstakes if your promotion is more complicated. We can also refer you to sources who provide prize insurance if needed.

What if I only want one or 2 cards for certain prizes?
You tell us how many cards of each prize you want printed and that’s what you’ll receive. Set up charges will vary depending on how many of each version you need.

How do I set up the artwork so I can be sure it meets your specifications?
Visit our Design Services and Specifications page for guidance in how to properly submit your artwork. If you have any further questions, you can always call us.

What if I want you to create the artwork for me?
We have several talented graphic artists who can design a card for you. We charge $60 per hour. A normal project will usually take about 4 hours of time.

Will I be able to see a proof before you print my job?
Yes, we require a signed approval before we proceed to press. Usually a PDF proof is sufficient. If you need a hard copy proof, there is an extra charge and it will add several days to the turn around since it has to be shipped back and forth.

How long before I receive my scratch card order?
Our normal turn around time from proof approval to shipping is about 2 weeks, depending on the size of your order and if you have any special packaging requests.

If I want you to mix the prizes together before shipping, can you do that?
Yes, we can seed and shuffle the cards per your specifications and even drop ship (and blind ship) directly to your customer. We are experts at handling larger orders with multiple locations. Just let us know what you need and we’ll provide a quote. Request a custom scratch off printing quote here.

Does your pricing include shipping?
Shipping is an additional charge. We have daily UPS pick up and get discounted rates. We can either add the shipping to your invoice or use your UPS number so you are billed directly. We don’t mark up our shipping like many companies do.

If we want to mail the scratch cards, can you provide that service?
Yes, many of our customers print scratch off postcards for their promotions. We can purchase a mailing list or use one that you provide. We have full service mailing capabilities.


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