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Direct Check Marketing - Premium Incentives

7” Android™ Tablets from $50 ea.  Smart Watches from $60. Vacation Certificates from $3.  Wholesale Pricing.
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Businesses who offer premium incentives in their advertising or marketing promotions generate as much as 50% more sales, leads and referrals. When companies want to sell products or services, they often use incentives as motivators. These incentives can take the form of merchandise, cash or travel opportunities. Premium incentives work because people can often be persuaded to change loyalties and behavior when given a good enough reason to do so.

Before you can effectively choose the right premium incentive or offer for your promotion, you must first determine your marketing objective. Premium incentives are best used when your goal is to gain new customers, increase customer loyalty, change customer behavior or generate leads or information about customers. We can help you identify your objective and select the right premium incentive that will work for you.

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